This study is not simply relevant to researchers, but also to the general public.  Below are a few media stories and information about our Denver coyotes.

Colorado Public Radio provides story on our upcoming project!

"Ever wondered if the coyotes in your neighborhood are a threat to you or your pets? Scientists have the same question -- and that's why a team of researchers has launched the Denver Coyote Project to study Front Range coyotes for at least the next three years. 

The hope is that the results will show how aggressive or bold coyotes develop in urban areas. To do that, the Denver Coyote Project is combining observations of the animals with an analysis of their genes and hormones... " - Sam Brasch, CPR

Daily Camera - Boulder News Feature

"Researchers are launching a major new study of coyotes in the Denver metro area, including Boulder and Broomfield counties, that will include the use of genetic analysis to determine whether the animals' lineage could be predictive of bold or aggressive behavior.

The project, which will last over at least the next three years, involves some of the same partners and will build on the findings from a metro area study that spanned 2010 to 2014, the results of which are credited with reframing how wildlife managers approach one of the more challenging issues they face in the urban environment..." - Charlie Brennan

ABC7 Denver segment on the project