A comprehensive understanding of STEM fields promotes our understanding of the natural world and how we affect it, which is valuable for anyone living on Earth.  Below are several of the outreach programs I've been involved in during my short career.


Project Exploration (Chicago, IL 2010-2015)

 Students meeting C.Schell (left) at the 2013 Winter Exploration

Students meeting C.Schell (left) at the 2013 Winter Exploration

During my time at the University of Chicago as a Ph.D candidate, I was fortunate to work with Project Exploration, a non-profit organization providing science-related programs to underrepresented middle and high school students with leaders in their fields.  As a wildlife and evolutionary biologist, I was able to work with their Sisters4Science (2011), All Girls Expedition (2010, 2012), Junior Paleontologists (2012), and Winter Science Exploration (2013).  My involvement has provided me critical tools on how to conduct meaningful outreach that fosters curiosity and provides space for students to explore the sciences.  For more information on the program, please visit the website here.


Nature Fridays Series - Beethoven Elementary

I independently developed a scientific outreach program in the south side of Chicago.  Partnering with the Bronzeville Historical Society and Beethoven Elementary in Chicago, IL, we generated a new initiative titled Nature Fridays.  I led workshops focused on wildlife science and its importance in the south-side neighborhoods of Chicago.  Past lesson plans include identifying species through camera-trap data and generating hypotheses based on photographic data.  

Front Range Student Ecology Symposium

FRSES is a student-run symposium that provides an opportunity for Front Range students doing research in ecology to showcase their work and network in a friendly and supportive peer environment. Highlights of the event include a keynote address by an engaging invited speaker, a full day of poster and oral presentation sessions, an awards banquet to recognize exceptional student work, and a social gathering to celebrate the success of our participating students.  As a guest instructor, I helped teach the students about wildlife biology and radio telemetry using VHF technology and help from my adopted friend - Deja Mae.