Full of Surprises!!!

Welcome to the Denver Urban Coyote Project! 

     Coyotes are very interesting animals that shape ecosystems in both urban and rural areas. While many of you will know what a coyote looks like and what it sounds like, there are many other fascinating facts about Coyotes you may have never heard of before! Did you know that Coyotes are extremely intelligent animals? They create social hierarchies and have amazingly complex communication, both vocally and through body language. Coyotes are diligent and thoughtful hunters, they can even trick and hack food traps set up by researchers. Coyotes are mesocarnivores, and can hunt a wide variety of small animals including rabbits, mice, insects and even fruits! This diverse diet allows Coyotes to live in a variety of habitats including urban cities among humans. Many populations of Coyotes have made large populated cities their homes, and are conforming to living among us.